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home remedy for genital warts
Tuesday, 14 September 2010
curing genital warts
Virus may develop genital warts around the groin, scrotum or penis in men or around or in the vagina, on the cervix or vulva in women. The majority of these warts are caused by two types of HPV, types 6 and 11.Sometimes a genital wart may be a small bump and can be either raised or simply flat, pink in colour and cauliflower shaped, and if you have sexual contact with an infected person the warts could develop from as little as a few weeks, a month or sometimes up to a number of years later. Occasionally genital warts can cause bleeding from the urethra, a tube which carries urine, or the anus. For some people it is very difficult to admit they are suffering from this disease as there is very often a part shame associated with genital warts and STD�s in general. Unfortunately there is too much people suffering from warts in secret. This condition often come with its loads of shame, they rather prefer suffering in secret instead of seeing their doctor to admit they are suffering from warts. It is easy to use and is safe, and should be applied for about 4 weeks. Fluorouracil Cream: It is used mainly to get rid of pain, that occur during intercourse. Surgical Excision: Your doctor may use special tools to cut off warts. This treatment is used for removing large warts.� Laser therapy: this treatment is done using intense light beams on the warts. removing genital warts This treatment is also painful and need anesthesia. � Surgical excision: the doctor can here remove the warts by performing surgery on the warts using the simple sterilized tools.� There are medicines available for the treatment of small warts. These medicines are podofilox, podophyllum resin, trichloroacetic and bichloroacetic acids, bleomycin, imiquimod and interferon drugs.

Posted by removing38genit at 5:01 PM EDT

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